Robotics Lab, dedicated to innovate and invent


Robotics Lab is an organization with an aim to research, innovate and invent in the areas of educational and professional robotics.

Robotics Lab is organized and managed by respected professionals and scholars in the field of Robotics, IT, Engineering and Computer Vision with decades of combined experience, who are above all passionate and curious.

Our products have a scientific and research background backed by several Universities, i.e. Neapolis University, University of Patras, Greek Meditteranean University, Technological University of Crete.

Robotics Lab is located in Europe, in the beautiful island of Cyprus.

All the products offered by Robotics Lab are unique, hand-built, usually sold in limited quantities BY REQUEST ONLY and are dispatched with free libraries and support, including free competition-grade sample software for every robot in our always-growing product line.

Although the organization’s usual mode of operation is to produce small quantities and sell our inventions at just above cost price, we are capable of serving large orders and/or custom orders to individuals, companies and educational organizations upon request.

Feel free to visit our website and contact us directly for any inquiries and requests for custom robots or for purchasing versions of the award-winning robots in our line-up.


We simply re-invent the way robots are made and come up with new innovative ideas to solve problems.


Contact information:


Web:               www.roboticslab.eu 


e-mail:            info@roboticslab.eu                      


Address:         50 Iasonos, 6052, Larnaca,  CYPRUS


Telephone:     +357 – 99 41 40 41

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The Legal Representative of Robotics Lab is Giannos Eleftheriou